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  • 700k bpd / 37 MTPA refining capacity
  • #2 largest single location refinery in India and UK
  • Production of 15% of UK transport fuel
  • Among largest coalbed methane acreage in India

& Mining

  • #1 single location flat steel producer in India by capacity
  • Among world’s largest iron ore pellet producers
  • 27 MTPA pellet capacity
  • 350 retail outlets across India
  • 2 bnt of iron ore resources


  • #2 largest private ports business in India by capacity
  • Engineering Procurement and Construction business with 40 year track record
  • $3bn + EPC order book


  • Largest capesize fleet in India with 41 marine vessels
  • BPO presence in 56 locations in 13 countries

Essar Global Fund Limited

Essar Global Fund Limited (“EGFL”) is an investment fund managed by its exclusive investment manager, Essar Capital Limited (“ECL”). EGFL is a global investor, with majority or total ownership in a number of world-class assets diversified across the core sectors of Energy (comprising refining, power generation and exploration and production), Metals & Mining (comprising iron ore and coal mining, pellet making, steel manufacturing and steel retailing), Infrastructure (comprising ports and EPC businesses) and Services (primarily comprising shipping and BPO businesses).

The aggregated revenues of EGFL’s portfolio companies total circa US$35 billion as at March 2013. EGFL’s portfolio companies employ over 73,000 people across 29 countries, and have adopted international standards of health, safety, environmental protection and corporate governance.

ECL exclusively manages the fund and monitors the portfolio with a focus on value creation. The portfolio companies have recently completed substantial capital investment programs, investing in excess of US$17 billion in key assets across the portfolio since 2008.

Possible offer ("Possible Offer") for the shares in Essar Energy Plc ("Essar Energy") by Essar Global Fund Limited ("EGFL")


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